Brief Company profile:
Concord Express Cargo Inc. is a  trusted, licensed, bonded, Shipping and Freight Forwarding Company  that is registered with the Federal Maritime Commission (FMC). Our  License number is 022462F.
Concord Express Cargo has been in full 
operation for over 15 years and has consistently maintained a track line of transparency, accountability and good customer relationship in all its business activities.
Our major areas of business services are car shipment to Africa through container and Roro, air cargo, local pick up and delivery services.    
We pledge absolute dedication and transparency in all our services.
Our Mission

To build a very long term relationship with our Customers and provide exceptional customer service by pursuing the best business practices in the Shipping industry.

Furthermore, we intend to give our customers the peace they expect from business transactions  through trust , respect and appreciation.

Result Oriented

We are goal driven. We have a vision, we plan and we execute our transactions with the primary aim of satisfying our customers and leave them in a haste to call back.



Strategic Planning

We realize the importance of strategic planning in any business transaction. We therefore anticipate our customer's expectations and give our best to achieve them.

Above all, we are flexible to accomodate our customers schedule and convenience. 

Our Clients:


To put our clients' interest first. 

To deliver each transaction

with exceptional passion and


To remain accountable and

transparent in all our transactions.

Our Pledge

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