Our shipping and logistic services include the following:


Roro car shipment/Clearing 

       Container car shipment/Clearing

  Air and ocean cargo/Clearing

Local deliveries and pick up

Car container shipment


We offer shipment of cars through container. Customers are guaranteed of maximum protection and best professional services. We can pick up, ship, clear and deliver to a customers location.

Ocean/Air Cargo


We also accept and ship personal belongings for our clients to Nigeria and Africa at large. The air shipment schedule is weekly and the ocean cargo is monthly. These could be packed in either boxes or barrels. 

Our competence speaks a volume for us.

Car shipment by Roro


We offer the best services of Roro shipment from any way in the US to Nigeria and most African countries.

At our client's  request, we will pick up the car and deliver to the port. Clearing of this could be handled by our company or the client.